Pint and Dale Virtual Concert!

Sing along at home with William Pint and Felicia Dale and their music of the sea! Join this renowned duo for an intimate online concert this Saturday, July 24th at 7:30 PM Pacific. They are graciously sharing their music as a fundraiser for the Buzzard. Watch the performance below!

Pint and Dale performing “Steady As You Go” at the Couth Buzzard in 2017

Visit Pint and Dale’s Bandcamp page to listen to and purchase their music!

Read more about Pint and Dale on their website:

Prepare for an intoxicating blend of traditional and modern music reflecting the immense vitality of those who live and work on the sea. Pint and Dale’s music fits into the world of modern folk, rock and popular song, but it’s rich with the myth, narrative, rhythm, rhyme and lyric associated with the days of the tall ships.

With extraordinary vocals and guitar, octave mandolin, Irish pennywhistles, cittern, fiddles, ukulele percussion and the exotic sounds of the vielle-à-roue or hurdy gurdy,  William Pint & Felicia Dale bring an energetic and contemporary spirit to their material.